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I would tryout for this girl, but I am definitely not ready for another one in THK lol 
Smooth Storm [pfff] by Phicarus
Mau unofficial ref sheet by CheeTree
Mau unofficial ref sheet
Things got groovy with this pic lol i was kind of just playing around XD 
Yes, i am quite excited for her to grow up heheh. She's going to be the prettiest, girliest, most elegent, thing in the history of cheetree's characters <3 I remember when i first designed her and her twin mivu, me and Shireling-Archer spent so much time on just their pelt design! I love how they look, and im still debating on her adult form :b should she have a long flowing mane? Should she have bangs?(Drawing bangs is torture to me because its not realistic lol i can deal with funky colors but when you change the form im just like :icontableflipplz: ). I am going to try and work in bangs since her father Kemikali ( Kemikali c NinjaCheetah  ) has the most glorious, volumous bangs ever. And kifo is fluffy as frick. ( Kifo c Kitonika9   ) I WOULD REALLY LIKE EVERYONES OPINIONS! 

- Quick thinker/smart - 
Mau's mind works as fast a gazelle at her worst, and faster than a sparrow at her best. She delivers quick repartee and makes respectable decisions. She has a natural desire to learn, and the influence of living in a coalition and having to think and learn quickly meant she was able to develop into an inquisitive, observant, confident critical thinker.

- Kind -
Intellect brings awareness to Mau. She is very aware of how others feel as well as how she influences how others feel. Mau feels guilt easily, especialy when she hurts someone, and she will go out of her way to have them forgive her and will do whatever she can to make others feel good.

- Good Looking - 
One of the things she realized early on is that she looks different; She looks different in a very good way. Being erythristic is no disability when you look like her. Combine it with a sharp face, long legs, and a not too lean and not too large body, a mutant beauty is born. The bright splash of color in her eyes makes her appearance even more striking. Mau and her identical twin are a perfect combination of their parents' genes.

- Agile - 
Mau fails in almost every physical test there is: racing, fighting, heavy lifting, long distance running. But the one physical strength she does possess is what keeps her alive: agility. Her quick mind paired with her lean body and fast reflexes means Mau can escape any situation and would make an expert spy. Although this strength may be attributed to her genetic illness.

- Charismatic/persuasive - Her beauty and wits make her an excellent talker loved by almost everyone she meets. Mau's kindness also destined Mau to be a people person. While she isn't extremely social, she is not at all antisocial. Mau uses her words and logic to persuade very efficiently, and easily gets others to like her within minutes of meeting her.

- Weak willed - 
Mau may be intelligent and able to make good decisions, but she can also be very easily manipulated and overtaken by others. Her lack of purpose in life also makes it hard to be ambitious; Mau is an existentilist. 

- Poor fighter - 
Mau has a hatred for unnecessary violence, and never took the initiative to learn how to fight well herself. The only strength she would have in battle is her agility.

- Overconfident/vain - 
Mau can often have too much faith in her abilities, looks, and intelligence. She can also be very vain, although she doesnt express it. Mau spends a lot of time grooming herself, and hates when other females even seem to think they are better than her. 

- Jealous - 
Mau is easily jealous thanks to her vanity. She is especially jealous when it comes to being in a relationship; If her mate even mentions the beauty of another female, it lights a fire that can only be burnt out by her dominating that female.

- Judgemental - 
As mentiones, although she harshly judges people in her mind, Mau never speaks her thoughts out loud. Her secret flaw is probably her mos nasty flaw. No one likes a person who will tell you they like you, but secretly dislikes you. Her judgements sometimes come out verbally when she is around people she trusts, but sometimes those judgements are leaked.

- Materialistic -
I got rid of this one

- Overthinker -
Being an existentialist, as well as an intelligent and passionate young cat, Mau tends to overthink. She can be very sensitive because of this, and won't let go of a harsh comment made about her until her confidence is restored by an apology and adulation from the commentor. 

:bulletblack: Physical characteristics :bulletblack:
 Her fur is a mix between her father's and mother's fur. It has markings similar to Kifo's, and coloration similar to Kemikali's. The dusty brown also comes from her mother, but is sprinkled with bright yellow like her father. The red parts of her fur are not flame red like her father's, but velvet red because of the mix between the coloration of her mother and father. 
 Her smooth, short fur is caused by some unknown genetic causation. Both her mother and father had long fur, but the trait skipped her, leaving Mau with silky smooth, sleek fur.
 Her eyes are also a mix between her mother and father. The iris is a blend of Kifo's bright purple and Kemikali's metallic sky blue, creating quite an oddity. Her eyes are especially striking due to her complementary red fur.
 Her paws and nose are a shade of neutral red-black. The bottom of all four paws have red blotches around her pads and up her ankles.

:bulletblack: History :bulletblack:
Mau was born in the Zhamani Dhambi coalition to the coalition's leader Kifo cha Audi. Her father is a tribescheetah named Kemikali, who mated Kifo one night to produce Mau's litter. Her father is absent from her life now, and Mau lives with her mother and siblings in the coalition. 
Character tryout :: Rimmed-with-fire by CheeTree
Character tryout :: Rimmed-with-fire
This is a character design for :iconrimmed-with-fire:, if you are not going to join RWF with this character design, you can't try out! Sorry! (i suggest you take a look at the group before trying out :) )
To try out for this character design:
Write a biography and roleplay example for this character, and give him a name (the name needs to follow requirements of the group. Look at the bottom of this description for the requirements, or read the group journals for the kingdom he will be in!). Whoever's application is the most impressive wins! It will be judged by me ;)


Roleplay example:


-Name requirements-

If you want him to be in Kingdom Deum, this is the name requirement
[ Naming ] - [ Dusk kept a very traditional Kingdome, and few find it surprising that Deum became known for naming their fawns with Latin based names.  Occasionally there is a direct Latin translation, but the words were changed a little for the most part.  Ancient names with root Latin forms are often used by these deer.  The names of all deer from this Kingdome are somehow connected with a Latin origin. ]

If you would rather he be in kingdom Lutae, this is the requirement
[ Naming ] - [ Dawn formed a very unique naming system for her Kingdome, without meaning to.  She named her own fawns after two words, broken and then forged loosely back together, as she felt the old herd had split into Kingdomes.  
To name a fawn in Luteae, the mother first picks two words.  One of these words is always a plant [See Beliefs section] and the other can be either an animal or a land formation [Keep in mind that all animals and plants should be indigenous to the northern Rocky Mountains].  The words are then split, the parts must connect to either the first or last letter in a word and they must be two or more letters long each.  The parts are then placed together to create a name.

Examples: AvalanChe moss and Vine Maple Tree caribou

Fawns in Luteae are named very carefully, and mothers will often take an entire Journey to decide on a name. ]

Deadline is July 30th

RWF :: Berserker :: Valley Wolf by CheeTree
RWF :: Berserker :: Valley Wolf


Vallisa Lupa

Meaning: Valley Wolf
Kingdome: Ita Ut Deum
Gender: Female
Species: Mainly mule deer genes with minor white tail genes
:bulletred: Feathers, she wears many various feathers, but always wears them one at a time right behind her right ear in her mohawk. Featured in her picture is a turkey feather.
:bulletred: She has many feathers tucked away in a small pocket in the face of a boulder that sits in a secret spot in the valley. She will visit that place to meditate, graze in peace, basically do anything she needs to do in private.

:bulletred: Fiery, creative, intelligent, stubborn, loud, adrenaline junky, humorous, altruistic

Fiery - Vallisa often comes off way too strong. She will say the craziest of things if she meets someone new (although she will be careful not to hurry any feelings) and usually has no discretion when using her attitude. She can sometimes be described as sassy, and lacking a sense of humor by those who have just met her, but if you get to be her friend, she will begin to be more fun around you, and will reveal her wild, fun side! She is a powerful friend in this way, because once she is given the chance to get to know you, you won't regret becoming friends with here because she is not only adventurous and daring, but actually has a great sense of humor. She was nicknamed 'Mink' as a fawn because she was so hyperactive and threw her weight around like she was a grown buck.

Creative - Her body and mind is hyperactive. She is always thinking about creating something new, about solutions to problems, and what she could do with that stick over there. She can draw in the dirt with her hooves, and make stints with tree bark, skills she learned because she was so thinkative and energetic, always willing to try new things.

Intelligent - See creative. Val has a sharp mind, and can solve problems easily. It is one of her strongest traits, second only to her sheer strength and agility.

Stubborn - She does not like taking orders. One time when she was a fawn, she and her mother ran into a bear, and instead of following her mother back to the herd, she ran towards it to get a better look. Thankfully she outran the bear easily, but the point is, she does what she wants, when she wants.

Loud - Val is very vocal about everything, and loves conversation. She has a loud voice, which sometimes freaks people out because she is a relatively small deer, even for a doe.

Adrenaline Junky - Vallisa Lupa is not only fiery and adventurous, but daring and brave. She likes to do things that get her fur ruffled and her blood pumping. Her favorite daring activity is rock climbing, or jumping into white water. When she was a fawn, she loves to climb trees just to see how fast she could get down. Many times she has broken a bone, including her right front leg (twice), and her collarbone (once). She only survived because of luck and help from kingdom-mates. If you try to keep up with her, you're in for a bumpy ride.

Humorous - Val never likes to take anything too seriously, so she will always throw in a little humor to liven things up. Even at the worst of times she'll find something to laugh about, but knows when to shut up.

Altruistic - After getting to know you, Val will never hurt your feelings on purpose. In fact she hates seeing people in a bad mood. Even if you're a complete stranger and are unhappy, she will do her best to help you. Despite her fiery attitude, she is actually quite empathetic.

Voice and speech
Her voice is crackly because of her high testosterone, but other than that it is quite normally pitched relative to other does. Her speech style has a slight drawl in it, and is anything but flat. She has a habit of whooping when she is in exciting or fun situations.

Physical appearance 
Build:Bulky, short legged, small
Coloration: Her color is mainly where she received her name from. The base color of her fur on her belly and underparts is white to sandstone gray, fading into dark beige, fading into rocky brown. She has red accents in her fur bordered by near black, and near black stripes on her legs. Her hooves are rock grey and her eyes are fire red.

History Val has a foggy history. All anyone knows about her is that her mother was an all gray doe living way up north who came down to the region looking for new mates. When she found Val's father, she settled down for a while and had Val. Then, when Val was weaned off of milk, her mother left her for her father to raise the rest of the way. (Father unidentified right now)


Close friends








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Whole Images
Cub to Tyro Assignment 3! by CheeTree
Silveress by CheeTree
Escaping the Volcano by CheeTree
.:Lost in the dark:. Vumbi by CheeTree
:star: Fully colored
:star: Full bodied subject
:star: Whole background
:star: Shaded
:star: Subject is whatever you want!

Extra subjects/characters cost nothing! No, it doesn't have to be feline, i can do anything! 
Character lineart
Kamwe request by CheeTree
Asali request by CheeTree
:star: Uncolored
:star: Backgroundless
:star: Full body
:star: Subject is whatever you want!

It doesn't have to be a character, and no it doesn't have to be a cheetah or feline! :3
Character Art
-=-=Tony Foxx=-=- by CheeTree
.:InkSplatter:. by CheeTree
Jarjar by CheeTree
'I'm a hyena!!!' by CheeTree
Yeah, 'Friends' by CheeTree
Iberius And Flynn by CheeTree
:star: Full bodies
:star: Backgroundless
:star: Shaded
:star: Subject is anything you want!

It doesn't have to be feline or canine, i can do anything!
Two characters cost the same as one, but anything above two will be double the price for ever extra character. For example, if you want four characters done, you will have to pay 360 points.

<h2>Reviews from buyers:</h2>

miss-rebellious said: "This is just gorgeous~! i am just so in love with your style <3 thanks so much! you did a beautiful job <3"
.:InkSplatter:. by CheeTree

NinjaCheetah said: "*0* Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Thank you so much for drawing him, he looks so good"
Mchanga wa Jangua (w/ video) by CheeTree 
Staniqs Said: "oh my gosh, thank you so much!! you're so quick!!! this looks fantastic, I love it so much!! they look so happy and playful in your style! Thank you!! "

Iberius And Flynn by CheeTree
Tattoo Designs
Striking Snake Tattoo Design by CheeTree
200 points per design regardless of size


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