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September 18, 2013
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Tika Tal'Aht by CheeTree Tika Tal'Aht by CheeTree

((OOoooh gaiz looky heeeere! I made my third char for thk! And final. u3u I only gave in to making Tika because i had her in my mind for a whole week (shush thats a long time for me to hold onto an idea XD) I'll probably find some errors in her app in the next few days, so bear with me - Anyways, here goes nothin'...))

Name: Tika Tal'Aht (طلعت تیکا [persian] Tee - Kah Tahl - Ah - t) Dunya ([her swahili name, given to her by the native cheetahs]Doon - yuh)

Name meaning: (tika tal-aht) With the appearance of a small bird, like a small bird : (Dunya) Tiny

Nicknames: Tik, Dune, Tika

Age: 2 cycles, 1 moon

Gender: female

Rank: Loner

Accessories: Orange plastic, aluminum, and leather tracking collar put on her by the research team - while hanging off of the collar is a hand made Persian bib laced with golden thread and coin sequins handing from the bottom. A white boot splint also put on her by the research team. I has been on her for half a year, and will need to stay on for another three years before her leg is fully healed.

Personality: Sensitive, self conscious, timid, strong will, innocent/clueless, alert/observant~

♦Sensitive- This trait is due to her feeling of misplacment. All she wants is a home and cheetahs to bond with, so if you treat her wrongly, she'll take it very hard.

♦Self conscious - Her appearance plays a big part in her shyness. Comparing herself to other cheetahs, she realizes she is smaller, with less fair fur colors that are dark and sun burnt, and her boniness makes her want to vomit.

♦Timid - This is also due to her feeling of misplacement. Talking to the native cheetahs is not something she'll do casually, but if you manage to get her talking to you, she has a lot to say.

♦Strong willed - This led to her breaking her leg, because once she starts a mission, she won't stop until its complete. It's one of her more headstrong traits.

♦Innocent/clueless - She hasn't had much interaction with other cheetahs, just her littermates and mother, so she isn't very street-smart and can be very clueless to what things mean. Although two years old, she has the persona of a yearling because of her isolation and timidity.

♦Alert/observant - Tika doesn't talk a lot, so she mainly just observes from a distance, making things almost awkward. However this allows for her to be on high alert of her surroundings, and it's extremely hard to ambush this fragile cheetess.

♦lighthearted- This ties into her innocent trait. She's always kind, quiet, and lighthearted, sometimes saying things bluntly out of her cluelessness but doesn't ever mean to offend. Tika is not confrontational, and will try and change the subject suddenly when sensing discomfort in her conversational partner's tone.

Physical details

- Lithe, bony, scrawny, malnourished most of the time, weighs merely 85 lbs

- Small due to her asiatic heritage, 2 feet 2 inches shoulders down.

- very silky soft long fur when well fed/nourished.

- deep gold fur, attributed to her asiatic heritage.

- broken tear marks, derived from her Raineyii genes.

- asiatic fluffy tail and grows thick winter coat every winter.

- Hickory red brown eyes that droop slightly.

- large nose.

- big paws.

Speech style

- Her voice is childlike and somewhat boyish, with cracks in her high notes and breaks in her low notes. (Voice actor not found yet!) She has an asian accent and rolls her R's and pronounces her K's as Kh's, making them sounds gravelly and guttural like the Persian letter Khe

Ashke Mahtab (moonlight tears)
Immortal Majma (immortal egypt)
(aaah persian traditional songs are just great) Traditional Persian songs:……

The Motherland

~~ Tika is not a full blood african cheetah. Tika Tal'Aht is an asiatic cheetah bred with an african cheetah, specifically, Acinonyx Jubatus Venaticus bred with Acinonyx Jubatus Raineyii - A private research team was commissioned by the Iranian government in cooperation with the Tanzanian government to breed different gene pools of cheetahs to jump start the genetic diversity of the species. The Tanzanians transported two Raineyii stud males to Iran to breed with two semi captive Venaticus females. The first male dies during transport from stress, while the second male successfully made it to the breeding facility under the watchful care of the researchers. It took a few months for the male to adjust to the new environment of Iran, but eventually he was physically well enough to meet one of the females. At first it was partial meetings by the fence separating them, which were very hostile and timid. But after a while the two began to warm up to each other's company, conveniently, just before the breeding season began.
Finally, the male and the female were placed int he same enclosure. They kept their distance for months, never giving eachother so much as a glance. The researchers began to get disheartened, funding from the government would soon be cut off if they didn't have a successful mating soon, and they began to wrap up the project. However, unexpectedly one night, the female and male were seen together, walking side by side, finally making direct contact. The next day, the deal was sealed, the pair had consummated the relationship. Tika Tal'Aht was conceived.
Over the next few months, the litter inside the female was kept on watchful eye. The two subspecies had never before been bred together, and biologists couldn't extrapolate from previous data if the cubs would be stillborn or not, however each time when given a sonogram, the cubs were always alive and moving.
The project was a complete success. After 93 days of this careful observation, one purple dawn in the Iranian countryside, five perfectly healthy cubs entered the world, the very first of their kind. Researchers anxiously watched the mother, who seemed to not at all realize how different the cubs were from true Asiatic cheetahs, and nursed them like she would any litter. It was a peaceful time for the cheetahs inside their enclosure, but a tense and stressful time for the researchers. If this litter died or had any problems at all, the project connoisseurs would cut funding for good, leaving the researchers with the cubs to deal with.

Tika.. You are Tika Tal'Aht

Mother named me today. I forgot my brother and sister's names, but i remember mine great - It means like a little bird - I wonder what mother's name is..

An entire year passed soon enough. The cubs grew up to be amazing hunters and healthy children, all ready to be transported back to Africa so the female could have another litter, this time, researchers said, pure Asiatic cubs.
Tika and her siblings - in this year - learned how to hunt gazelles and saiga, even imported African warthogs and hares. Tika and her family was unknowingly on their way to being separated. In this period of time, Tika was a perfectly healthy adolescent cheetah with no weight or respiratory problems whatsoever, but the day came when her family had to go their separate ways. It was a clever setup by the researchers, who tricked the mother into abandoning her children sooner than normally, and weaning the cubs off her milk sooner than nature intended. A big risk, but carefully taken. Tika and her siblings wandered the enclosure for days, not looking for their mother, but hunting and having a great time just being together as a team for their first taste of lone survival. Their mother was shipped to another province to a different breeding facility for further breeding.

The two-legs and rumbling boxes

There were rolling boxes that made an awful noise today passing by the fence. My family chased them for a while along the edge of our territory, it was fun and we saw the two legs again, but i don't know whats inside the boxes..

The week finally came when the family was to be transported to Africa, to begin the gene pool in southern Africa (not south africa). Trucks came with transport bins to roll them to the airstrip and fly them across Arabia. One by one the cubs were tranq'ed and placed carefully into boxes, vets and biologists keeping the cheetahs' conditions stable until they got to the airplane. When at the airplane, the cheetahs had to be dosed with another shot of tranquilizer, which put them to sleep for the entire 12 hour flight. They were once again accompanied on their journey by several veterinarians. Once they touched down in the designated airstrip, they were transported via 'rumbling box' again, to their final destination. Thankfully, all cubs survived the trip.
They had come a long way from their simple mountain life.

It's a harsh paradise..

Something went wrong with the earth. It grew beautiful thick green wild weeds and tall hard trees whose branches scrape the sky, and the earth grew fur. Long yellow hairs whose vast pelt stretches for miles. The hares are hard to catch and the gazelles have so many watchful eyes to see me with. Where did my family go? They left me after the boxes took us, ran way off to the north. Why did i have to run the other way? I can't find them now. But it seems the two legs can always find me, no matter how far i walk. They come in the rumbling boxes and open them up to look at me, like the gazelles do. Maybe they can bring me back to my family? But wait.. I can see mountains out there.

Tika's first months on the african savanna were adequate for a newbie like her, she caught rabbits mainly and a few warthogs. But it took more effort than it should have to catch prey, and her health began to deteriorate. Her asiatic bloodline required mountainous terrain, not plains and wetlands. She migrated, looking for familiar grounds. One day she caught sight of mountains in the distance, and made a beeline for their comforting slopes. Little did she know, they were the home of many cheetahs like her, misfits, newcomers, and maybe this was her lucky break. She could finally have a family again.

The journey to the tribes

I see the mountains, they're there! No more trees and nasty wet mud, rocks forever!

Tika walked on and on, rarely stopping to catch food. The only way she survived was off the injured prey the researchers brought her, which were extremely easy to catch. Days after beginning her journey, researchers realized Tika was developing a respiratory problem. It was allergies, the new land was hard on her nose and lungs, whose air was infected with all sorts of foreign spores and mites. They knew Tika would have to wade it out, eventually her body would get used to the substances, but for now, they had to keep a watchful eye on the tiny female. One day after the discovery of the allergies, Tika cracked one of her left back metatarsal bones, making her limp and causing her a great deal of pain when she ran or walked. Once again, she was tranquilized, and A boot splint had to be placed onto the fractured bone. Tika had walked for so long, and so hard, she had damaged herself. A serious setback for her, as if it wasn't hard enough to survive in the first place.
Despite these tibulations, researchers began to push TIka to hunt for her own food, giving her less and less free kills. It worked, just barely. Tika still looked malnourished and bony, but at least her condition was stable. Hopefully, they thought, once she gets to the mountains, she will be able to thrive again.

Tika's final destination

The land is much dryer and easier to walk on now. My paws don't sink and get wet, and i can catch food more easily. I belong here i think, maybe my family is here as well..

It had been a few weeks since the researchers had checked on Tika, only knowing she was alive by the movement of her tracking collar. Little did they or Tika know, Tik had wandered into the future sunning rocks territory. Before even knowing who else was in the territory, Tika settled down and began to thrive once more. The mountains made it hard for the researchers to come find Tika, so they simply set up camera traps and tracked her movement instead of taking their vehicles out to find her themself. They tracked her health and movement that way, realizing she was still in stable condition, but scrawny and malnourished. Some weeks she would have more fat on her, from a successful large kill. But others she would be back to a skinny state, unable to defend herself from larger predators or scavengers. The strategy she used to survive was one of stealth, she used her speed to get by; to catch prey, to run from enemies, and to travel with the herds who move fast through the rocky moutains. It was a fast and free life for her, lonely, but free. She occasionally scented other cheetahs around this area. One time she even thought she had scented her brothers and sisters.. Little did she know, she was about to be found by a whole new breed of cheetah, the island tribes. But would they accept her? She brought two-legs with her, and two-legs couldn't be trusted. Therefore, would she be outcasted once again?

:bulletwhite: Respect/Special
:bulletyellow: Acquaintance/Neutral
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletred: Possible cub maker
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletorange: Discomfort
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate
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