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August 14, 2012
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Tulivu by CheeTree Tulivu by CheeTree
Tulivu (c)*Consci
Uchafu (c) meself

The sun was blazing, but there was a cool wind through the trees as uchafu nonchalantly walked over the border between crooked tree and crowded water. She opened her jaws to sniff for Ari. But instead she smelled another cat. She slunk behind ari's thinking rock as she heard pawsteps through the forest and saw a grey cat stepping out into the clearing. Uchafu was ready to pounce as the large male came closer.

Tulivu was a little tired, normally sleeping, his shift had changed recently to cover anothers. As he entered a clearing he spotted a cheetah he hadn't seen before and didn't smell of his tribe. He barred his teeth and stood strong, lowering his head in a defensive,"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Uchafu cursed herself for not being quicker to hide. "I am uchafu of the dirt, and you are baring your teeth at the wrong cat!" Uchafu lowered her forelegs in a playful stance, and wagged her tail side to side smiling at the cheetahs amused face. But she couldnt let her guard down, after all, other cats could kill her if she wasnt careful. come on! you were trained by the token himself, you cant be scared of him!

Tulivu's face contorted, confused yet still barring his teeth, must have looked odd."Why are you smiling? You do not belong here and yet it smells like you have been here before? Why is this?" His face was back to normal, and he straightened out, stopped being so defensive, she was puny afterall. He chuckled at the thought.

"I usually come here, just to sit around. like my personal daily dose of intruding i guess! i meet a lot of other cheetahs here too, you may know some of them." Uchafu sat back up and hopped over the the cat and tried to sniff his pelt close up, trying to smell his scent so she would know him better if she met him again.

Tulivu grumbled,"I do not understand why you would chance coming here, What if my chief caught you here?"He did not know many of the cheetahs in his tribe so her last comment did not concern him. "Smelling me to get to know me is not the way,"He turned"Just look at my left side, tainted."

Uchafu looked at his strange markings, " yeah you are not like many other cheetahs." She walked around him in a full circle. "I met your chief here too, Ari. it was just when i was very young and stupidly crossed. But now i can defend myself! And people are on their toes cuz they know of the great uchafu!" She said jokingly. She thought about ari again, and how she wished she had seen him again. She had gotten her first battle wound yesterday and was ready to share it.
"Wanna walk to the beach? I did this with... another cheetah from your clan, he stayed on his side of the border and i stayed on mine! He said there was nothing wrong with it."

Tulivu stared at the cheetah,"Okay, Ill walk with you, but you have to promise to to come here anymore. Also, my name is Tulivu."He knew it wouldn't stop her, this cheetah was a strange one, way to playful for his tastes.He started to walk along the border"You said you met Chief here? When?" He totally disreguarded her ever saying 'great uchafu' it was silly to push her over like that.

Uchafu nodded thoughtfully. "It was just a couple moons ago when we first met here, when i was real little. He's almost like my dad you know, i only have a mom, and have no idea who my real dad is!" Chafu thought about telling him more about her adopted dad, but didnt want to make ari upset. "Nusu, my chief says that having friends from other tribes is ok, as long as i know where my allegiances lie. "
Chafu jumped up to bat at a dragonfly.

Tulie shook his head at Chafu,"Oh, that sucks, I don't know my father either, but my mom died when I was a born, so I can't get to know her."he smiled at her,"You're lucky you know one, or have someone to take that place, I never have." He looked down at his left paw 'if only I didn't have these markings, I'd have family.'

"I guess so, i do have a pretty great mum!" She chirped gratefully. "Your markings? Why's that?" Chafu asked confusedly. How could how you look determine what happens to you?

Tulivu, thought for a few seconds,"Well, they don't help with camouflage and if a larger animal wanted to they could easily spot me, like when I was young." His memories flooded him, from when he was young, how many times birds tried to carry him off, only to find out how heavy his was and how after each time he went missing his 'mother' would pass him off to another for being a trouble maker, not knowing he'd almost gotten killed.

Uchafu looked forward, thankful to have normal markings. "Theres a white cheetah in my tribe. She has a hard time too, especially since shes a hunter." They stepped onto the same sandy flat uchafu and ari had crossed when she first went to the beach. Uchafu could hear the waves ahead and the sun peaked out from between the clouds. It had gotten sunnier, and the wind had picked up again.

Tulivu stepped onto the sand, still looking at uchafu, the feeling of sand was very strange under his paws, he looked down,"Wow, this is strange."He lept and acted like a cat with booties on, he didn't really want to touch it, if felt to weird.

Chafu laughed and danced with him. They walked to the sand dunes and climbed over to see the vast scape of rugged water. "Its even more pretty when the winds not so bad. Have you ever been to the beach before?"


Thats all we have so far '3'

But ya, this is tulivu walking before he finds uchafu trespassing again

~Brushes used~

i'll find them later lolz
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catherinechance Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
very beautiful
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Awww that last line "Have you ever been to the beach before?" makes me tear up ;n;
CheeTree Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Student
d'aww! i think chafu also got a bit sentimental when she asked it as well :P
st0lensanity Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Ahh I love the way you draw cats!! The anatomy is so nice :> Also, I'm guessing you don't own a tablet..? :O The detail is shockingly amazing and I'm super impressed by your patience.
CheeTree Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Student
nuupe! i used a mouse for this, but i will be getting a tablet soon for christmas
and thank you! :D
ChiakiNeko Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012   General Artist
OMG that's awesome! I'm excited for you haha XD Tablets make such a big difference.
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This drawing needs moar comments *w* its stunning, the pose is purrfect and the story to ~the bg is magnificent
CheeTree Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student
aw thanks so much! i accidentally mixed up the layer so the background was hard to paint :P
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